The Winning Mind Set had been tested and proven in many academic applications including a Major Ivy League University to substantially increase academic performance, reduce the element of percieved pressure and decrease stress to become a master student or teacher.

Thank you very much for your book and the opportunity to work with you. I believe that the Winning Mind Set is what has been missing from many youth fitness programs. We hope that by including your principles and focus in our Fitness Lab resources, all of the schools that are served by our programs will benefit greatly.
This upcoming semester we will touch more than 1,200 teachers and 500,000 students across the country. It’s our goal to serve each one by providing resources that will guide their progress as we all work cooperatively to improve the health and fitness of our nation’s young people.
Again, thank you so much for allowing your work to be a part of our mission.

Aaron Hart, MS Ed

"I've been coached and taught by Kevin Seaman for about 11 years now... Kevin always encouraged balance and focus in our studies... as well as in life in general. Kevin instilled in me the belief that hard work and focus on my goals never went without reward. Working through the pain and setbacks of the martial arts and life will payoff exponentially - this was always the theme. This theme got me into culinary school, after first being rejected. It got me through culinary school when I thought that I couldn't study another page of food science textbooks, or another word of Culinary French. It got me the job I wanted, for the people I wanted to work for and the salary I desired. Kevin and "The Winning Mind Set" have taken me far!! I continue to work with Kevin, and have an ever-evolving list of goals that he is helping me reach. I would highly encourage anybody who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to train with, or be coached by Kevin Seaman to do so. It will bring you to another level, whether it is in the martial arts, fitness and strength training, or business and life."
Seth T. Nels, C.S.C.
Restaurant & Foodservice Specialist
New Horizons Sales & Marketing Co.

This class works to fill a hole in the educational system of America today. Learning how to live is the absolute most important part of life and this class recognizes that. In my opinion this should be a 5 credit class with two labs a week because that is how important this material is. Anyone who ever wants to be somebody, to be successful, needs to understand the way life works and this class helps to give insight into that subject matter. Life is not easy, you can’t just float around with no purpose or direction and expect to be happy and fulfilled. This class helps students to focus their lives, analyze them, and then gives them some tools to change what they want to change in them. It is my hope that classes like this expand to colleges and educational institutions throughout America. Thank you Mr. Seaman for the hope and empowerment you have given to me and to all your students. Thank you.

- Jonathon Grassi
Cornell University Freshman

Grad Student
Kevin Seaman’s course and seminar “The Winning Mind Set” is one of the most significant learning experiences I have had in my life. Too many times we use our powerful minds to create limitations for ourselves. We give ourselves reasons and excuses why we can’t succeed when instead we should be thinking of how we can succeed. By reframing our thinking, we can use our minds to create possibilities instead of limitations. I strongly recommend Kevin Seaman’s course because it provides students with everything they need to achieve a winning mind set—from the initial realization that it is possible to the final stage of success.

- Michael Donikian
Cornell University Graduate Student

This course was one of the best time investments I have made in my life. Thanks!

- Barbara Zangerl
Cornell University Ph.D.

One of the best classes I've taken at Cornell!
- Robert Miller
Cornell University Sophmore

Kevin Seaman is one of these people that come around once in a lifetime. The only regret I have is that I didn't start taking his courses sooner.
- Drew Butler
Cornell University Senior

Additional Testimonials